Add Pet

  • My (guardian, owner, family) and I will always be polite and keep sniffing to a minimum.
  • If another dog or cat wants to meet me, I'll be friendly but not too friendly.
  • As a good dog, I agree to be on a 6' leash and my guardian won’t use a retractable leash while here.
  • My guardian agrees to pay attention to me at all times (he/she loves doing that anyway) and together we'll be respectful guests... because we want to be invited back!
  • If I have an accident (sorry!) I promise my guardian will clean things up on the spot. If needed, my guardian will ask a PawsWay staff member for extra help.
  • I promise: no bark, bark, barking to the point of being rude.
  • I promise to avoid aggressive behaviour.
  • I know PawsWay reserves the right to ask that my guardian and I leave the premises.
  • At the end of our visit, we promise to leave PawsWay in the same tidy condition in which we found it.