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Gunner is unbelievably energetic and VERY smart. He's loyal and protective. He's a big pup and is growing like a bad weed =P Sometimes when you ask him questions, it sounds like he answers =P

All About Me

My favourite toy
My hedgehog. He honks, squeaks and rattles. I love to run around with him and enjoy when people throw him for me.
My favourite place
The backyard at my grandparent's. I get to play with their Alaskan Malamute, Pammy. She's my best friend.
My favourite person
Definitely Mom. I like to follow her everywhere and I get upset when she leaves.
My favourite treat
Apples, berries and carrots. I like being good and training because I am rewarded with these tasty snacks!

Gunner's Hearts

2 Hearts!
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