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Meeeoooow! Milo Here!

Heey? Is that a ping-pong?

I'm Milo and I have black & white shorthair! I like to rough-house the the family dogs and sleep. My mommy doesn't let me go outside because it's too dangerous for a Cat like me.

All About Me

My favourite toy
My ping-pong ball!
My favourite place
The basement - so many things to explore down there!
My favourite person
My mommy! She feeds me and cleans me and plays with me and scraches my tummy and ... oh I should stop now, I got to finish the rest of my profile!
My favourite treat
MmMmMmMmMmMmmm... I like all kinds of meat and fish but salmon and ham always hit the spot!

Milo's Hearts

40 Hearts!
This month: 0

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Happy Birthday


Awww so adorable :")


what a cutie :)



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