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Chloe Glendenning ~ The social butterfly. I am a "Smiling Black-Haired Irish Pom".

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Chloe has been a part of our family for almost 9 years. She picked me out by running to me from a back room at the Breeders where she was looking out a window! She was 8 weeks old. Smart girl.

All About Me

My favourite toy
My favourite toy is my bright pink pig I picked out at PetSmart. I went down the aisle with mom and picked it out with my nose! I went back too to get another toy and picked the same pink pig. Smart!
My favourite place
My favourite place is home with my mom and dad. I have fun with them and know they love me. I remind mom to play hide 'n seek too. I always find her!!
My favourite person
My favourite person is my mom. She loves me a lot and knows everything that I need. But don't get me wrong, I enjoy everyone and can't wait for company to visit!
My favourite treat
My favourite treat is Chicken Drumstix. It's hard to pick one because I love peanut butter cookies too.

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The smiling Irish pomeranian lol


I am a master of disguises!!!


Love ya gurl!! xoxo



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