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Claudia, "The Voice of the Animals" (, is helping clients around the world find out what their animal companions need. By using her ability to communicate with animals telepathically, she assists in areas as diverse as behaviour issues, health issues, emotional stress, likes, dislikes, finds out why animals do what they do, and even reconnects people with their animal companions after the animals have left their physical bodies. With her work, Claudia brings people and animals closer together, brings more understanding into people's lives, and therefore can solve many problems.

For over 25 years, Claudia has worked extensively in Canada, Europe and the United States and her work is now recognized worldwide. She has appeared on numerous television networks such as the Discovery Channel and has been profiled on international radio broadcasts and in newspapers and magazines like Animal Wellness, Modern Dog, The Globe and Mail and Toronto Life. Claudia has also been the featured expert at many events such as those sponsored by the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) and Therapeutic Paws of Canada. In 2007, Claudia was a presenter at the Purina Animal Hall of Fame induction ceremony, She is also the author of 3 books.

Claudia's guidance has helped many people to change their lives and those of their animal companions for the better.

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 Claudia Hehr

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Hi Claudia, I can't figure out how to post a question to the discussion board, so I thought I'd message you directly. Now that motorcycle season is upon us, how would you recommend desensitizing my dog from lunging out into traffic and barking incessantly at passing motorcycles (and some cyclists)? He also gets freaked by passing firetruck sirens and starts howling. The former seems more "attack" and the latter, more fearful. I try to pre-empt him by keeping a very short leash and trying to reassure him that everything is ok, but the behaviour hasn't changed. Barking at noises in the condo hallway is also a problem. Any advice welcome. Thanks so much!


Hi Claudia, and Pets Way team: My beautiful cat Lucas has gone missing since last friday, he is an indoor cat and has never gone out before. I've done everything I know to do to find him, I've put up posters, I've let all the pet services, vet's and people know, he is posted on all the websites I know as a missing cat. I go out day and night looking for him, calling him with a bag of his favourtie food, I'm in so much pain and I don't know what else I can do. Any Advice of what else I should be doing? Thank you kindly


Claudia, thanks so much for your response. I smiled as I read it as it all made sense to me. I always wondered about the nibbling thing cause sometimes shes kind of relentless and won't leave him alone but I always felt it was more of a care taking thing although I feared it was a dominance thing that might be affecting yoshi negatively. Anyway, thank you again for your time!


Hello Claudia! Just a couple of quick question's if you don't mind. Why does my shar pei Annie nibble on our other Shar pei Yoshi all the time? She is so bossy with him and I am afraid he is a little sad or doesn't feel completely comfortable around her. The other question was that in the past while I have lost my calico cat baby, my poodle/terrior mix coca and Chubby, the mix shar pei rescue that I still miss so much.... DO they ever visit us? Just miss them all so much. Thanks for your time. Katherine


Claudia, thanks for your help. I have another question. I have to take my puppy to the vet and I want to make his first visit a good one, what should I tell him?


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