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Nestle Silo Coco Quik Charman

Always on the go!

Nestle is a 4 month old miniature dachshund, and was definitely the pick of the litter. She doesn't have the makings of a show dog but don't tell her that! She is laid back, and happy go lucky!

All About Me

My favourite toy
Nestle loves to play with her squeaky turtle eggs, and her rope. But she's always happy to have Horton her squeaky plush elephant she had since being with her sisters.
My favourite place
I think Nestle's favorite place is beside me on her towel on the couch. But next favorite place is her crate.
My favourite person
I would hope that would be me - her guardian!!
My favourite treat
Ness loves bully sticks, and also the dried liver. But really, a taste of anything I'm having is interesting to her!

Nestle's Hearts

1 Hearts!
This month: 0

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