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Currently, Nestlé Purina’s in-house pet nutrition expert and Technical Communications Manager for Canada, Fiona began her Nutrition Training at the University of Toronto. After graduation she moved to England, where she completed both a Master of Science and PhD in Nutrition Science.

A member of the American Association of Veterinary Nutritionists, Fiona has been working as a nutritionist for more than a decade. She is one of Purina Canada’s key links to the scientific experts at Purina Headquarters in the USA, and is constant communication with University and Veterinary nutritional specialists.

Outside of the office, Fiona divides her time between speaking engagements to educate people on pet nutrition; events as a member of her breed club; and trips to the local off-leash park and walking trails around Toronto. A member of the Canadian Kennel Club, Fiona is the proud owner of three dogs (two Cairn Terriers and a Spaniel cross). She recently rescued a grey and white cat named Larry who now dominates the Wallace household.

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Hi, my cat loves to play in and drink the water from the taps in the bathrooms, this water is from the water softner. Is it bad for her to keep drinking it.


Also, i just read your reply to my post on the discussions page. We have now integrated him totally onto the Medi-Cal Reduced Protein diet. We were only mixing it initially for a period of about 2.5 weeks on the advice/direction of our vet. I hope it hasn't done any more damage :S.


Hi Fiona! Thanks for our response. I have brought it up to our vet and she is saying that the symptoms i have described are better than the alternative (symptoms of renal failure) and to keep him on the food (4-5 cups a day split between morning and evening feedings). We have just recently started to mix in sweet potatoes in hopes that this will make him feel more "full". I would love any more information you could provide. My email address is: Thanks so much for your reply!


Hi Krista, Sorry- have not been on the site in a few days. Will have a look. Thanks f


Hi Fiona, I have a question for you. Just got a post from a member who has a young lab (9 months old) just diagnosed with renal failure. They are concerned that the renal diet they have been placed on (Medical reduced protein) is not providing enough nutrients for him as he is still growing. He has become coprophagic on the diet. Any diet suggestions that I could pass along to them? Thanks, Krista


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