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Mike Macbeth


Dog Breeder

One of Canada's most successful dog breeders, this well known international dog show judge and writer has extensive experience that she looks forward to sharing with the PawsWay community. A breed expert consultant to Purina Canada since 2006, she believes in responsible ownership through education.

Stacy Lynn Fernandes

Stacy Lynn

Pet Nutrition Expert

Nestlé Purina’s pet nutrition expert and Assistant Manager-Pet Food Nutrition for Canada, Stacy Lynn Fernandes will ensure that your pet is healthy while giving you tips to keep them running back to the food bowl. A member of the American Academy of Veterinary Nutrition, Stacy has been working at PawsWay for over five years.

Debbie Reynolds


Dog Trainer

Certified Dog Trainer and Behaviour Consultant Debbie Reynolds is the owner of Life's Ruff Dog Training - Markham, Ontario’s leading Obedience school since its inception in 1997. She is best known for her dedication to using a positive approach to canine behaviour and socialization.

Maureen Needham


Cat Breeder

An avid cat lover all her life, Maureen has successfully bred and shown Persian cats for about 15 years in both Canada and the United States. She has also been actively involved in various cat Associations and Organizations, such as the Canadian Cat Association and the Canadian National Exhibition Cat Show, throughout her career.

Nancy Bryson


Pet Groomer

Nancy has been an award-winning pet groomer for 35 years, and is a prominent member of the Canadian grooming community. In addition to her impressive record in competition, she teaches, lectures and operates a successful grooming salon.

Claudia Hehr


Animal Communication Expert

Claudia Hehr, "The Voice of the Animals", has dedicated her life to animals. Her education includes animal communication, canine psychology, animal homeopathy, asymya, dowsing, auricular therapy, business management, and she is also a Reiki Master. She is also a successful author.

Dr. Krista Nelson

Dr. Krista


Krista has been a veterinarian for 10 years, practicing in Canada and around the world. Specializing in small animals in her practice, she also has experience in emergency medicine. Krista is also an experienced public speaker and has been published in numerous journals.

Angie Arora


Grief Counsellor

Angie is is an activist and social worker in the area of Pet Loss Bereavement and Compassion Fatigue/Compassion Resiliency through her own consulting firm. Angie is extensively involved in volunteer efforts with Pet Loss and bereavement support groups.

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