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Across the country, Purina is involved in a variety of pet projects. Get involved and show your support! All you need to do is click. For every click, Purina will make a donation. What are you waiting for?

Canadian Search Dog Association

With over 220 million olfactory receptors, dogs are a vital part of Search and Rescue operations around the world. They're essentially the original GPS.

Help support and train Search and Rescue dogs. For the first 5000 'Likes', Purina will donate $5000 to The Canadian Search Dog Association.

Therapeutic Paws of Canada

For some people, the company of a cat can change their lives. They're someone to play with, relax with, not to mention talk to. Cats are nature's little therapists.

Help support pet visitation programs for seniors across the country. For the first 5000 'Likes', Purina will donate $5000 to Therapeutic Paws of Canada.

Farley Foundation

Pets are wonderful companions and for some also a reason to get up, get out and interact with others. There's nothing more special than the pet/owner bond.

Help low-income seniors, disabled individuals and abused women provide emergency veterinary care to sick or injured pets that mean the world to them. For the first 5000 'Likes', Purina will donate $5000 to The Farley Foundation.