At Purina PawsWay we are all about responsible pet ownership and strengthening the bond between people and their pets. Our programs provide guests with the necessary tools and education to build a lifelong friendship with their furry friends. Whether you choose one-on-one programs or group training, we bring the pet perspective to life. Under the guidance of our instructors you will learn to communicate, understand, and respond to your pet’s needs in a respectful and friendly manner. After all, our pets are our family members too!

Training Purina PawsWay offers a variety of training programs that use only positive reinforcement techniques.


Discover the many workshops and seminars that Purina PawsWay has to offer!


Our drop-in programs are a great way for you and your pet to not only work on specific obedience skills, but also learn new ones.


Purina PawsWay one-on-one training provides an opportunity for our guests to find relevant and effective solutions to issues that are difficult to address in a group setting.