K9 Trick Workshops

These offerings are currently on hiatus.

Trick training is a wonderful way to build a fun, loving relationship with your dog. Dogs of any age can participate in trick behaviours. During the trick classes a variety of rewards based training methods will be explained and used to elicit desired behaviours.

This 6-week program will provide instruction on how to train 40 tricks including:

  • Basic obedience (sit, come, down, stay) – this serves as a basis for more complex tricks
  • Body awareness (crawl, pedestal, peek a boo)
  • Mental stimulation (roll out a carpet, muffin tin game, hide and seek)
  • Basic agility (hoop jump, tunnel, ramp)
  • Retrieving (fetch, drop it)
  • Targeting (shake paw, ring bell, hand target)
  • Miscellaneous (spin, sing bow, kisses)

Time: Sundays 11am-12pm, see calendar for the next available session
Cost: $200 +HST (includes testing and submission cost for Novice Trick Dog title)
Instructor: N/A

The 4-week Intermediate Trick program will build on novice trick behaviours and provide instruction on training an additional 30 tricks including the following behaviours:

  • Advanced  obedience (heel at side with automatic sit, swing, around)
  • Body awareness (barrel racing, jump through arms, balance ball)
  • Mental stimulation (shell game, directional casting, discern object names)
  • Basic agility (jump wraps, crawl tunnel)
  • Retrieving  (carry a basket, fetch to hand, pick a card, mail carrier)
  • Targeting  (soccer, balance and catch, flyball turn)
  • Miscellaneous (baton jumping, wave goodbye, open and close a door, paw print painting)

Time: Sundays afternoons, see calendar for the next available session
Cost: $140 +HST (includes testing and submission cost for Intermediate Trick Dog title)
Instructor: N/A

Since there is limited space in each class we encourage you to register early. To register please call us at 416-360-7297 ext. 230 and have your credit card information ready. You can also visit us in person and pay at the PawShop.