The Ultimutts Stunt Dog Show

Ultimutts - Winterfest Shows (DEC)

Saturday, December 19 and Sunday, December 20
Shows each day at 1pm, 2:30pm & 4pm

The Ultimutts Stunt Dog Show is coming to Purina PawsWay during Winterfest on Toronto’s Waterfront! Featured on Family Channel, Animal Planet and The Pet Network, the Ultimutts Stunt Dog Show is a one-of-a-kind comedy stunt dog show showcasing more than 50 incredible and hilarious stunts and tricks. The highly trained dogs demonstrate some amazing circus style tricks including: tightrope walking, bike riding, piano playing, skipping and more!

Ultimutts Stunt Dog Sophia was found as a stray in Ohio and taken to a shelter, where she was saved by an animal rescue before her ‘time was up’. She was taken to a special farm for animals where she waited for a forever home for a year. In that time she was completely overlooked as no one wanted her. Sophia was then sent on the rescue relay for animals to the London Humane Society to try her luck in a different area. In London, she was adopted by Melissa Millett, founder of the Ultimutts Stunt Dog Show. She was given lots of love and with training, has become an integral member of the Ultimutts Stunt Dog Show. From Underdog to Wonderdog, Sophia will be making the rounds after each show accepting donations to help other dogs in need for the Ultimutts Retrieve for Rescue.


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